Watch the vidoes explaining the most common How-tos we get asked by our customers.

FAQ1 What are all the equipment and fittings in the pool description on my Compass Pool

FAQ2 What manual pool cleaning equipment comes with my Compass Pool

FAQ3 How do I manually vacuum my Compass pool during construction or after storm

FAQ4 How do I clean out my skimmer box basket in my Compass Pool

FAQ5 How do I clean my pump basket and How do I prime my pool pump on a Compass Pools

FAQ6 How do I clean my Infloor leaf canister basket on my Self Cleaning Compass Pool

FAQ7 Pre 2010 Pool lights with halogen globe description of how to replace the globe pool lights

FAQ8 Water evaporation and how to do I top up my pool level on my Compass Pool

FAQ9 How do I check Ground water around my pool and How do I remove ground water ...

FAQ10 Role of Filter and How long should I run my Compass Pool Filtration system

FAQ11 Role of Sand filter multi port valve and rules of sand filter multi port valve

FAQ12 How do I backwash my sand filter on my Compass Pool

FAQ13 Role of Cartridge filter and How and when do I clean my cartridge

FAQ14 How do I manually check chlorine levels and what should they be

FAQ15 How do I manually adjust a manual salt chlorinator and do I need to add extra chlorine

FAQ16 Pool water chemistry Do I need stabiliser on my Compass Pool to protect my chlorine levels

FAQ17 What salt levels do I need and explanation How to clean a non self cleaning

FAQ18 Pool water chemistry What should my pH be on my Compass Pool

FAQ19 Pool water chemistry What should my Total Alkalinity be on my Compass Pool

FAQ20 Pool water chemistry What should my Calcium Hardness be on my Compass Pool

FAQ21 How do I store pool chemicals safely

FAQ22 What safety rules should I enforce for my Compass Pool

FAQ23 How do I set up my EvoHeat heat pump: setting the time and timers.

FAQ24 How do I set up my EvoHeat heat pump: key points.

FAQ25 How are my EvoHeat heat pump, pump, JBox, and Gemini 6 connected

FAQ26 How to I replace liquid acid and liquid chlorine

FAQ27 How to I operate the Lincoln chlorinator (standard unit)

FAQ28 How to operate the solar controller (Sunbather Solar).

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