The Stop and Go option on new pool contracts

We are extending our cooling off period for 12 months, which allows you to be in complete control of your project. You can still proceed with all the important decision-making and all the planning that’s required to decide the finer details of having a swimming pool built.

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Stop and Go explained in detail

Learn more about the two basic phases of a swimming pool project. You are fully in charge of the timing of both of the phases and thanks to the Stop & Go option, you decide when (and if) we move to the pool construction (logistics) phase. This ads flexibility to the contract for your peace of mind.

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What happens if Compass Pools Melbourne is not here in the future

Learn more about our proud history and how we survived three major recessions. However, it’s a legitimate question, not frequently asked but often thought of by any customer: What happens if? Learn how you are protected in case we are not here in the future.

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How much does a new swimming pool cost?

For many, this is the first and most important question. We’ve created one of the most complex videos that deal with pool prices. Kate explains what affects the cost of your new swimming pool and gives you indicative price ranges to assist you with pool budgeting.

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How much does a pool & spa combination cost?

Are you wondering how much does a pool and spa combination cost? What are the benefits of installing a spa with the pool? How do you manage the water body and heat your pool and spa? Watch Kate explaining the process and cost of attaching a spa to your new pool.

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Cost of an above ground / self-standing pool

Fibreglass pools can be built partially or completely above the ground with a unique patented Compass Pools technology. How much does it add to your project? What types of sites can we cater for? Learn about the cost to install a fibreglass pool above the ground.

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Chlorine vs salt vs other sanitation options

Is chlorine bad? Is it necessary in your pool? What other options for pool sanitising are out there? Watch Kate explaining salt water pools, mineral pools, natural pools and other types of pool sanitation and their features.

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How does a self-cleaning swimming pool work?

Maybe you’ve heard about it or maybe not but people are still wondering whether it’s possible. Can a pool clean itself? In this video, we’ll show you how we build self-cleaning swimming pools and how Vantage infloor cleaning operates.

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Pool heating options explained

How can you heat your swimming pool? Here in Melbourne, to use our pools throughout the year, we need to have pool heating in place. What are the pros and cons of the three most popular options? Which are they? Learn more about swimming pool heating in this video.

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Pool blankets – are they worth it?

Why are blankets so popular with swimming pool owners? What are their benefits? Are they worth the investment? And can they look good? Find out everything you need to know about pool blankets and watch Kate show you opening and closing of a hidden blanket.

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Landscaping around a swimming pool

Are you wondering how to incorporate your pool into the whole backyard update project? How does your pool builder work with an architect or landscaper? Watch this video explaining how the pool is incorporated into the whole backyard design.

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