Vantage Self-Cleaning Pool System

How this little nozzle will change your life

The number one reason that pool owners give for NOT wanting a swimming pool, is the time and cost of pool maintenance. Pool maintenance includes vacuuming the pool to remove leaves and keeping the water clean, healthy and free of algae. Only an in-floor system automatically cleans the pool, without the use of vacuum cleaners, and keeps the water perfectly circulated, clean and healthy. The secret to our exclusive Vantage in-floor system is a series of flush-mounted floor nozzles.

Bi-luminite Ceramic Range

How do you get an amazing looking pool surface and stunning water colours?

The unique Bi-luminite colouring process features large reflective chips that are made onsite by Compass and used exclusively on our pools. The result is a more vibrant pool surface, which is enhanced by sunlight and water. Many other fibreglass pool finishes look good in the flesh, but have their colour and lustre obscured underwater, whereas our large colour chips are enhanced underwater. This results in stunning water colours that vary throughout the day and across the seasons.

Ceramic Core

What do our pool shells and an athlete’s body have in common?

What do our pool shells and an athlete’s body have in common…core strength. In the mid 1990’s the Compass R&D team invented a unique method of combining Vinyl Ester resin and Ceramic spheres. Ceramic spheres are incredibly tough, they are chemically inert, and they will not absorb water in any form. Find out how Compass patented ceramic core technology provides core strength and ensures a risk-free purchase underpinned by our industry leading warranties.

Maxi Rib Technology for Above Ground Fibreglass Pools

Thanks to our innovative Maxi Rib technology, a Compass Pool can be installed on almost any site. Maxi Rib technology means your Compass Ceramic Fibreglass pool can be installed above ground. It provides the necessary support for your pool shell in any situation.

Maxi Rib assist us in building the Compass fibreglass pool in difficult conditions and also enables us to build beautiful infinity pools. These are in high demand because of their extraordinary resort-style looks. Thanks to Maxi Rib, every Compass fibreglass pool can be installed as an infinity pool.