Pool owner FAQs

Top 13 FAQs Pool Owners Ask

When you have questions about your pool, you want to get all of your information from a reputable source. We’ve rounded up the top 13 most popular questions such as: ‘A bird accidentally fell into the pool, how do I get rid of contaminants in the water?’. ‘How do you remove baby ducks from your pool?’ or ‘Is it dangerous for a baby to drink pool water?’

Chlorine a complete guide

What Is Chlorine? A Complete Guide

Understanding how pool chlorine works can be a challenge, but it’s one of the most important pool chemicals you have at your disposal. We’ll teach you what chlorine is, how to lower chlorine in your pool, what happens if you have too much chlorine in your pool, and more below. Defining Chlorine Chlorine sanitises your…

Compass Pools Melbourne Smart pools with self cleaning

Smart pools: Prepare your pool for the future

Technological advancements in recent years have led to many elements of our homes now being automated. But did you know it was possible to do the same with your swimming pool? In the future pools will all be automated, and now is the time to start preparing by taking advantage of the modern technology …

Compass Pools Melbourne Swimming Pool Good Investment

Swimming Pool – Is it a Good Investment?

One of the most common things often on the top of mind when it comes to a swimming pool is if it will be a worthwhile investment for your property. When you are making improvements to your home, you naturally need to ensure that the money is being spent wisely. Whether or not the pool will turn …

Compass Pools Melbourne All about pool lights

Pool Lighting and Pool Light Design 101

When we talk to prospective pool owners, pool lights are one of the topics that always come up. Pool light enable you to enjoy your swimming pool when it gets dark, they are an important security feature and most importantly, your pool will look stunning with pool lights on. In this article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions …

Compass Pools Melbourne Deckjet water feature around X trainer swimming pool

Top 3 Water Features for a Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Top 3 Water Features for a Fibreglass Swimming Pool We get asked about water features a lot when people are enquiring about building an inground fibreglass swimming pools. Top three questions about landscaping and specifically water features are: What would you recommend as a water feature? How much do water features cost? …

Compass Pools Melbourne Alternative to Swim Spas

Looking for a Swim Spa? Check Out This Alternative Before You Buy

If you’re thinking of getting a swimming spa (or swim spa) for your backyard, it’s important to consider a number of factors and check out several different products on the market before deciding whether or not a swimming spa is the right choice for you. Here’s why. What are the benefits of a swim spa? A swim spa is basically a larger-scale spa that has …

Compass Pools Melbourne Balwyn Vivid Marble Grey 5m Plunge Pool Self cleaning Ashburton 9 Featured 850

What Is a Plunge Pool?

With block sizes getting smaller and houses getting bigger the plunge pool has seen a huge growth in its demand. With less space to work with in backyards, we also found that trying to size a pool between house footings, retaining walls and boundary fences the plunge pools has become one of our more popular…

Compass Pools Melbourne SPASA Victoria 2015 Best residential pool over 60000 Infinity pool and spa

Dreaming of an Infinity Pool?

Building Infinity Pools for 37+ Years We are often asked about infinity pools or negative edge pools. People would like to have them in their backyard to enjoy those stunning views and effect of the running water. Over the past 37 years, we have built many infinity swimming pools. They are one of the more…

Compass Pools Melbourne Infinity Pools Mirboo North South Gippsland Infinity Pool

How Much Does an Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Cost?

At Compass Pools Melbourne we have built many infinity swimming pools over the last 37 years. They are one of the more complex types of build however they do create some of the most amazing projects. Learn more about infinity pools, what affects the cost to build an infinity pool and see some infinity pools that we have built.

Compass Pools Melbourne All about swimming pool costs

How Much Will an In-Ground Pool Cost?

When deciding whether to purchase a pool, naturally cost is the first thing most customers need to consider. The answer to how much your new pool will cost is twofold: What will the installation of a pool cost? How much will it cost to maintain a pool on an ongoing basis? Compare the prices of the most common in-ground pools available in Australia – fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner.

Compass Pools Melbourne Swimming Pool Advice Time to Build a Pool

How Long Does Building a Pool Take?

Installing a pool is an exciting prospect and an addition to your home that will give you years of pleasure. Of course, before making a decision on how to build your new pool there are many factors to take into consideration, including how long it will take to build your pool. When customers ask ‘How long will it take to build my new pool?’ the answer depends on a number of factors including …