Fastlane 8m Custom length glass wall, South Melbourne VIC

Compass Pools Melbourne 8m custom Fastlane glass wall pool South Melbourne Construction photo

You can see why Australian families love our Compass Fastlane lap pool. It’s perfect for an active lifestyle and families, too! Adding a spa to it is also a great way of creating your dream backyard oasis.

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The window was a big decision as it did add 30% to the project and was something that required a lot of consideration but given that it allowed the pool to be part of everyday living without relying on the weather – ie to enjoy the beautiful pool every day rather than just when you are swimming. They can see the beautiful water from the kitchen and living room every day. A swimming pool is not just about swimming.

Degree of difficulty

There was a restriction on height for this 6 story apartment block and the client who was developing the entire site and had the penthouse at the top. To comply with boundary fencing regulations and height restrictions our standard range of swimming pool was 300mm too high. The pool was free standing.  The pool shell had to be customised in the factory and adjusted on all 4 sides so that the pool mould (when sprayed in the factory) was 300mm lower.  Visually this caused a design concern that because the pool could not sit down lower in the subfloor (due to the lift system in the high-rise) the customer was going to then be looking at the wall of the pool.

We designed a window into the pool so that when they were in their living area of the penthouse the pool water could be viewed. They were not looking at a box but at water. It brings the life of the pool into their living space – even at night when the pool lights are on they can view and use their pool visually.  The idea would be to sit and look out over the city view and have the pool light on and see the water.

Site difficulty

Inner-city had many issues with permits / trams / local council permit requirements. The site was ‘fairly easy with area to allow us to have cranes set up for the main lift (after the base preparation was done) – though the times were restricted so we needed to have the pool truck sit several suburbs away and wait for the allotted time to lift the pool. This is something the commercial construction builders are used to however when you specialise in the backyard domestic market like most of the industry it was quite new to many of our operators.