X-Trainer 8.2 pool & spa combo, Atlantic colour, Westmeadows, Victoria

Compass X-Trainer fibreglass pool is one of our two most popular shapes. It’s great for swimming – it’s long and wide enough, but also for active leisure and relax. It’s loved by families and has already transformed thousands of Australian backyards.

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Compass Pools have really helped us starting from the pool design, figuring out what we need. We loved all the feedback that we got. We’ve gone with the Vantage infloor cleaning system and I could not recommend it more highly. Amir, Weastmeadows VIC

Awesome pool installation

This gorgeous self-cleaning Compass fibreglass pool and spa combination was built by Compass Pools Melbourne. The X-Trainer 8.2 pool is accompanied by a X-Trainer spa to create a stunning home oasis for Amir, the pool owner.

Features of this pool

A large gas heater is used to heat both the pool and the spa. A spa water feature known as a ‘sunken spa’ was built, allowing the water to look like one body of water, however, the spa can heat separately or the pool and spa can be heated all together.

Transform your backyard

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